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Engagement Ring

ENG25052 MT

Centre Diamond Weight: 0.40ct
Recommended Centre Stone Size: 5.50 x 4.00mm
We will manufacture the head of the ring to precisely fit your centre diamond/stone. If the diamond is purchased from us, no extra master/fashion charges will apply. You will pay the price quoted in the table below.
Centre Diamond Cut: Oval Cut
Centre Diamond Quality: D-G/VS-Si
Total Diamond Weight: 0.40ct
Setting: Claw Set
Style: Solitaire with Plain Shoulders
All measurements and stone weights are approximate unless otherwise specified.
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Precious Metal Price
Platinum 950
18ct Gold
14ct Gold
9ct Gold
Palladium 950


ENG25052 MT is suitable for a Oval Cut Centre Diamond,
weighing approximately 0.40ct
and measuring 5.50 x 4.00mm .
We have 11 suitable centre diamonds in stock

Colour Grade D to G and Clarity Grade VS1 to Si1.

To Specify a Certain Colour and Clarity Grade, Please Contact us.

All Diamonds Supplied Set in our Engagement Rings are Certified by either the:
GIA (Gemological Institute of America) IGI (International Gemological Institute) HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant)
Centre Diamond

This ring is suitable for a Oval Cut centre diamond

Semi Mount Ring with No Centre Diamond

We have 11 suitable Oval Cut Centre diamonds in Stock
Stone ID Lab Video Shape Weight Colour Clarity Cut Pol Sym Fluor Measurements Price
GIA   Oval 0.41ct G SI1 N/A VG VG NON 5.74x4.18x2.58mm
GIA   Oval 0.42ct G SI1 N/A VG EX NON 5.82x4.29x2.59mm
GIA   Oval 0.42ct G SI1 N/A VG VG NON 5.90x4.34x2.64mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct F SI1 N/A VG VG NON 5.75x4.06x2.63mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct F SI1 N/A EX VG NON 5.77x4.02x2.62mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct F SI1 N/A EX VG NON 5.68x4.06x2.66mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct F SI1 N/A EX VG NON 5.80x4.22x2.61mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct D SI1 N/A EX VG N 5.77x4.14x2.58mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct G SI1 N/A EX VG N 5.73x4.08x2.57mm
GIA   n/a Oval 0.40ct E SI1 N/A EX VG N 5.44x4.06x2.66mm
GIA   Oval 0.40ct D SI1 N/A EX VG N 5.59x4.15x2.65mm
Ring size

Unsure of your finger size? View here


Engraving incurs an extra charge of £ 50.00

Engraving Sample

Total cost: £ Please Complete your Choices above

(All prices shown include VAT and any national taxation charges.)

We have 1 ENG25052 MT item in stock with the following details available for immediate delivery.
ENG25052 MT Engagement Ring Metal Platinum 950
Diamond Quality
Ring Size M Centre
Centre Diamond Specifications
0.40ct D SI1 Oval Cut , GIA: 7443593805
Stock ID: 25618 Mount cost
Centre diamond cost
Total cost £1,970.00

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